Bar Code Registration

Our EAN-13 and UPC barcodes come with FREE barcode registration in International Barcode Database and also in the IBNREG (International Barcodes Network Registry) This allows you to record your product and/or company details along with the barcode number in an online database, which automatically feeds this information to other online databases. Barcode registration makes it easy for retailers and customers to find your business & amp; product information via online search by barcode number or with a barcode scanning application

It also helps prevent theft or misuse of your barcode numbers as you have extra proof that you are the rightful owner of them. It also helps reluctant retailers who still think the GS1 database has all the answers – you can direct them to this independent database where their barcodes are registered, as proof that they are yours and valid and Legitimate – This can save a lot of wasted time and unnecessary frustration with some retailers.

Copying a barcode is easy – anyone can see the barcode number and then duplicate it on a different product. Our registrationhelps protect you from the illegal use of your barcode numbers and helps retailers and customers find your product and company details.

How to register barcode number(s):

After purchasing barcodes from us, barcodes will be sent to you by email. Registration instructions will be included in the email. You can then register them as well as the product/company details in the International Barcode Database (Your company name and barcode numbers will already be automatically registered in the database). Registration in the International Barcode database is optional. However, it will raise your product’s profile on the internet.

After registering the barcode number and product details in the International barcode database, then your product details will be displayed when customers search for your barcode number in online search engines (eg Google) or in some smartphone apps (eg. the Zebra app). Note that some smartphone barcode apps only search online stores like (they don’t search online barcode databases). This means that your product’s barcode/detail numbers are very limited. Best smartphone barcode app (eg. Zebra app) searches Amazon and other online stores , as well as in major online barcode/product databases.


Note: Barcode registration is free if you purchase EAN-13 or UPC barcodes from our company. If you already have EAN-13 or UPC barcode numbers (which were not issued by our company) and want to register these numbers, purchase the barcode registration here: