Products That Use Barcodes Sold By Us

The EAN barcodes that we supply are suitable for use on any retail product worldwide (with the exception of books and magazines). They can be used both in normal retail stores and in online stores (e.g. Amazon, CD Baby,

Our barcodes are being used on thousands of products around the world. Some of the products that are using our barcodes include:

Beauty – ABC – Active Beautiy Cosmetics, Lda.

Food & Beverages – Unique Beverages SA, Alimentos Saborosos, BWKL – Prestação de Serviços Comércio Gera e Indústria, Angobake AG Comércio Geral Lda, Agro-Bas Indústria e Comércio Lda, Onyat, Lda, MICAS YOGURT- Comércio e Prestação de Serviços (SU), Lda.

Other – Solv Express, Pro Mayombe Angostar – Comércio e Indústria, Motalina Express, Hareem Packaging, Future Group Industrial SA, Zara General Trading Lda.