Codes 128 and 39


Here, you can buy code 39 or 128 sequential barcode images for asset tracking They are used for library books and membership cards, gyms, universities, colleges, schools as well as for asset tracking in large companies. We can provide code 128 or code 39 barcodes in your preferred format – jpeg, pdf, eps, tiff or BMP.

Please enter the desired format (e.g. jpeg), size (e.g. 3 cm wide x 2 cm high), sequence (e.g. 1000 barcodes, starting at 39123000 and ending at 39123999) and the type of code you want (for example, Code 128).

Once we receive your order, we will create barcodes for you and send them to you via email.


Difference between code 128 and code 39:

Code 128 barcodes look like:



Barcodes 39 look like this:


The main difference between Code 39 and 128 – as you can see in the example images above – is that Code 128 has a much higher data density than 39. Therefore, we recommend that you use very small labels using a 128 barcode. Most scanning machines can read both types of barcodes easily (however, some readers cannot read barcodes that contain alphabetic letters – so it is It’s safer to just use numeric digits if possible, unless you know that your barcode scanner can also handle alphabetic letters).

If you don’t know which format to use, we recommend Code 128 because it is suitable for any item/label size

Note: code 128 and 39 should not be used for products for sale in retail stores (retail products need EAN barcodes).

Please feel free to contact us for any guidance on their specific use.