ITF-14 Carton Barcodes

ITF-14 (TUN) Image for the outside of a carton containing a quantity of your retail product – based on your EAN-13 retail barcode number. Images emailed to you in 4 different formats (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg).

You will be asked to enter your EAN-13 barcode number on the checkout page (if you are purchasing an EAN-13 barcode at the same time as an ITF-14 barcode, then just type “N/A” because we will assign an EAN-13 barcode number to you, and then use that number to create your ITF-14 barcode images)

NOTE ITF-14 barcodes are for use on cartons for shipping, not for retail sale. If your carton is being sold at retail level, you should use an EAN-13 retail barcode on the carton.


Quantity    Price per image
1 Kz 23532
2 Kz 21120 each
3 Kz 19913 each
5 + Kz 18103 each
10 + Kz 15689 each
20 + Kz 14482 each
50 + Kz 6276 each

Note – All prices are in Angolan Kwanza

ITF-14 Carton Barcodes


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